Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for funding?
Funding requests are submitted through an online form, unless otherwise noted. Each fund has different eligibility and submission criteria.

How much funding is available?
Each fund offers different funding amounts. See the specific fund for more information. 

I have a project or idea that doesn’t quite fit one of OLA’s funds. What other opportunities are there?
You can either review external funding opportunities (link) or submit a proposal using our New Initiatives Application

Janette Baker Scholarship
Q: What qualifies as a “proof of enrolment” for my application?
A: A letter from your school with the school letterhead indicating your acceptance to the program is preferred. If this is not available, other forms of proof may be accepted. 

Q: What should I include in my letter of interest?
A: Letters of interest can include: 
Why you are interested in the scholarship
What unique needs you have that make you particularly deserving of the scholarship
Your educational/work background
Any other information you’d like the decision committee to know