I Read Canadian Fund (formerly Festival Fund)


The I Read Canadian Fund supports getting Canadian Books into the hands of young people across the country. Additionally this fund supports and the expansion of the Forest of Reading program into Indigenous, rural and priority communities, plus the delivery of books. Let’s get kids excited about reading for fun!

OLA launched a fundraising campaign in 
January 2018 to raise $20,000 for the I Read Canadian Fund.  

Every young person should have access to Canadian books. Help make this a priority!  

Why I give! 

New Librarian Residency Award (NLRA)

It’s not just a career starter; it’s a life changer.
The Ontario College and University Library Association (OCULA), a division of the Ontario Library Association (OLA), launched a residency program in Ontario for new librarians in March 2009. OCULA will
award up to $20,000 toward the funding of this position to the successful academic library for an academic year. The intention of the residency program is to enhance recruitment of new librarians to academic librarianship and provide entry-level professional work experience in an academic or research library setting.  OLA is crowd funding for the NLRA with a goal of $10,000 to raise by February 2018.

How You Can Help

Your contribution will be used to help fund a NEW LIBRARIAN at a college or university 
"It's not just a career-starter; it's a life changer"
  1. Enhance recruitment in college and university libraries
  2. Provide work experience to new librarians
  3. Be part of something great.
  4. Kickstart the career of a new or recent graduate
  5. Provides libraries to create new and innovative positions
A contribution from you and/or from your organization will help the NLRA get off to a great start. We promise accountability, and will issue a receipt, although contributions are not tax-deductible. 
We thank you for your contribution!

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