Building Skills in Legal Information and Referral

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) and the Ontario Library Association (OLA) are very excited to be offering this course for the first time. As library staff from across Ontario, you have communicated to us that you are keen to help people who come to you with legal problems or questions. This course will help you and your library increase access to justice for your community. 

Course Title: Building Skills in Legal Information and Referral

Course Objectives
In this course, you will develop:

  • Knowledge of the role you play in helping people with legal problems
  • Skills around the 4 steps you can use to support someone facing a legal problem
  • Comfort and confidence in offering reliable legal information and referrals
  • An awareness of CLEO in particular as a reliable source of information

Course Structure and Format
The course is taught by legal experts and educators and can be completed in your own time, over an 8-week period. Each module has an interactive video for you to watch and a workbook for you to write in. This workbook is continuously saved and is something you can print out and refer to after the course. There is also a set of supplementary materials that correspond to the videos for each module. The materials will be useful after the course as a reference for what you have learned. 

You can move through the material at your own pace, marking each element "complete" as you go. You can go back and look at the previous modules whenever you want. 

The modules will be released each Monday morning, starting on September 25th, and will contain the following information: 

September 25:    Module 1 - Setting the Scene: Your role in supporting people with legal problems 
October 2:   Module 2 - Building a foundation: Understanding legal information
October 9:   Module 3 - Making a diagnosis: Detecting legal problems
October 16:   Module 4 - Responding to legal problems: Offering legal information and referrals
October 23:   Module 5 - Supporting people with employment law problems 
October 30:   Module 6 - Supporting people with family law problems
November 6:   Module 7 - Supporting people with housing law problems
November 13:   Module 8 - Supporting people with consumer law problems

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