Budget and Funding Announcement

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Understanding Ontario's provincial budget: Ontario's provincial budget is is typically released annually in April. The government's financial cycle ends March 31 and restarts on April 1.  For more information and to see the current provincial budget, visit the Ontario government website.

Understanding Canada's federal budget: Federal budgets have a lesser impact on Ontario's libraries, and are presented annually in February or March. For more information, visit the Canadian government website.

Joint OLA and FOPL Ontario Budget Submission - 2020

The Ontario Library Association, with the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL) has submitted recommendations as part of the Ontario’s 2020 Pre-Budget consultation process. In addition to our strong recommendation to maintain existing funding for Ontario’s public libraries, OLA & FOPL are recommending further investment that will make sure that all people in Ontario – no matter where they live – continue to have access to modern, cost-effective resources and services through their local public libraries. Specifically, our Pre-Budget Submission is recommending that the Ontario government make an ongoing, multi-year investment to:
  • Launch an Ontario Digital Public Library, would leverage the province’s significant purchasing power to give all Ontarians access to a common set of online and e-learning resources through their public library, free-of-charge;
  • and
  • Complete the transformation of inter-library loan by supplementing existing provincial funding in order to ensure that local public libraries can fulfill the existing demand from people across Ontario, and address the historic imbalance for public libraries in Northern Ontario
You can read OLA and FOPL’s full Pre-Budget Submission here.

OSLA Ontario Budget Submission - 2020

This year, OSLA prepared and submitted a letter directly to the Pre-Budget consultations. OSLA continues to raise its concern over the increasingly urgent state of school libraries and library staff in Ontario. OSLA’s submission reiterates its long-standing recommendation to enhance the accountability and transparency by mandating that the funds currently allocated by the Ministry of Education to school boards for school libraries and library staff are spent on these priorities.