TingL Guidelines

Interested in writing for an award-winning publication? The Teaching Librarian Editorial Board is looking for contributors for upcoming issues of The Teaching Librarian.

Here are the upcoming issue deadlines and themes:

  • V. 28, issue 1 “Curriculum @ your library”: Deadline: May 31, 2020
  • V. 28, issue 2 “Diversity @ your library”: Deadline: September 30, 2020
  • V. 28, issue 3 “STEAM @ your library”: Deadline: January 31, 2021

Articles of 150-250 words, 500 words, or 800-1,300 words are welcome. Articles, when approved, should be accompanied by good quality illustrations and/or pictures whenever possible. Text must be sent electronically, preferably in a Microsoft Word (or compatible) file. Images or graphics can be printed or digital (minimum size and quality are 4” x 6” and 300 dpi, in .jpeg, .tiff, or .ai format, if electronic).

With photos which contain a recognized individual, please secure the individual’s permission in writing for the use of the photo. Photos taken at public events or crowd shots taken in a public place do not require permission from the subjects.

All submissions are subject to editing for consistency, length, content, and style. Journalistic style is preferred. The Teaching Librarian adheres to Canadian Press Style.

Articles must include the working title, name of author, and email address in the body of the text. OSLA reserves the right to use pictures in other OSLA publications unless permission is limited or denied at the time of publishing.

When writers consent to having articles published in The Teaching Librarian magazine, permission is also granted to online distribution of the periodical through accessola.com and educational databases, without expectation of financial compensation. Ownership and copyright of the article is still retained by the original authors. Any questions about submissions should be directed to the Editor of The Teaching Librarian: TingLeditor@gmail.com.


The Teaching Librarian is a general magazine for OSLA members and not a scholarly journal. If your article does require citation of sources, please provide them within the text of your article or column with as much or as little bibliographic information as necessary for identification (e.g. book title, year). If you feel that the works you are citing require full identification, please provide a bibliography at the end of your piece, formatted according to the latest Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) or APA Style.