President - 2014-2016

  Dorothy Macnaughton
  President, Friends of the Prince Township Public Library
  Past President, Friends of the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library
  rmacnaug at
  focal at
  Telephone  705 759-0733

  Vice President/President Elect

Secretary 2014-

Jocelyn MacNiel
Co-Chair, Book Sales, Friends of the Vancouver Public Librar

reasurer - 2014-

Jami van Haaften
29 Orion St.Sault Ste. Maire, ON
Telephone 705 575-5668

E-mail:  jami.vanhaaften at


  British Columbia

  Lorraine Doiron
  Friends of the Smithers Public Library

 Prairies - Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Territories

Heather Graham
Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library

 Central Canada and Quebec


 Atlantic Canada


FOCAL POINT Editor and Webmaster:

Jami van Haaften
Email: jami.vanhaaften @
Telephone: (705) 523-3415 (Evenings and weekends)