Mission, vision and values

FOCAL provides a national support and resource network to assist in the formation and promotion of Friends of Libraries groups throughout the library community in Canada. Friends of Libraries are volunteers acting collectively and independently to preserve, promote and strengthen library services in harmony with library management and policies.


Friends of Canadian Libraries (FOCAL) strives to be a recognized and valued national volunteer organization, active and effective in delivering resources and support.  FOCAL employs communication technology to network with its members and the library community.  FOCAL is a financially viable non-profit organization funded by membership, donations, sponsorship and grants.

Value #1          Value of Libraries
FOCAL believes libraries inspire and enrich the human spirit and are a focal point in a community, providing access to the world of knowledge, information, and pleasure for all people.

Value #2         Leadership
To provide leadership and guidance for the formation of library Friends groups nationally
with the provision of resource materials and active support.
Value #3            Partnership
FOCAL partners with national and other library organizations for mutual benefit.
Value #4            Communication
Communication through media and electronic channels with current and potential FOCAL members, uniting these groups with relevant information and a national collective sense of belonging to the Friends’ concept.
Value #5            Commitment
FOCAL is to be perceived as an effective and active body dedicated to the furtherance of Friends of Libraries nationally and which values with respect and appreciation the worth of volunteers devoted to library support.
Value #6            Sponsorship
FOCAL values the support of corporate sponsors and granting agencies.
Value #7            Diversity
FOCAL welcomes the participation of all Friends groups, valuing their diversity