2003 - 2007

Consultant Terry Sarazen worked with FOCAL in a strategic planning process. We worked under the following goals:

: Using a variety of communication methods (print, voice and electronic) maximize the networking and information sharing potential of the FOCAL membership.

Partnership: Create a schedule of regional meetings and workshops to bring Friends groups together.

Increase the awareness of the role of Friends of Libraries across Canada

Other documents drawn up during that planning process include:

Mission, vision and values
Action Plan

2012 - 2015

In 2010 Vice-President Carol Humphries launched a new strategic planning process, a three year planning process to run from April 2012 to March 2015.

This year our focus is on reviewing all the ways that our Board work fits with the needs of FOCAL through five committees:

  • membership
  • governance
  • communication
  • partnerships
  • capacity