Gabriele Schreiber Friends of the Year Award 


The Award will be given to Friends of the Library groups for outstanding support to its library and for outstanding volunteer
involvement.  Each of the three successful Friends groups, one in each category, will win $750 worth of books from
Random House Publishing for their library,
and receive a plaque in recognition of the award

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Gabriele Schreiber believed in the importance of Friends groups

Who was Gabriele Schreiber and why is our Friends of the Year award named after her?

This question came up during our Annual General Meeting, and it gives us a perfect opportunity to record her
history with our organization, and to underscore how important  the sponsorship of Random House of Canada
(now Penguin Random House Canada) is to our association.

Gabriele Schreiber worked as a library sales representative for Random House of Canada for about 20 years.
Since 2005 she had worked at the library wholesaler S&B Books.

Gabriele joined the Steering Committee that in 1997 was looking to form a provincial group called Friends of
Libraries Ontario. Random House of Canada sponsored our booth in the exhibit hall at the 1997 Ontario
Library Association Super Conference. Based on feedback and interest generated, it quickly became clear
we were looking at forming a national association.

By the time “Friends Day at CLA” took place in 1998 in Ottawa, the Steering Committee had grown to ten
people. The support from Random House of Canada took the form of an annual  $2000 donation to sponsor
our presence at the Canadian Library Association and Ontario Library Association annual conferences, and
the annual Friends of the Year Award.

The Random House Friends of the Year Award, open only to members, has become a much sought after
award. Over the years Friends groups from across the country have been recognised for their support
to their library and their volunteer involvement.

Sadly Gabriele died in 2008. The award was renamed in memory of Gabriele Schreiber,"the first person to
believe in the importance of the Friends of the Library groups" said FOCAL President Dorothy Macnaughton



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