Chesley Challenge



When CBC Radio announced the Canada Reads initiative, the Chesley Area Friends of the Library issued a challenge.  The Challenge went out to all libraries and Friends of Library groups across Canada.  The challenge?  To have as many people in their community read the book chosen by the Canada Reads panel as THE book for all of Canada to read.

Past Winners:

2002 & 2003         Wolseley, Saskatchewan
2004                      Rouleau, Saskatchewan
2005                      Elbow, Saskatchewan

2006                      Wiarton, Ontario

2007                       Chesley, Ontario     ​
2008                      Chesley, Ontario
2009 & 2010         Paisley, Ontario
2011 & 2012         Neustadt, Ontario
2012                      Neustadt, Ontario

2013                      Neustadt & Mildmay, ON
2014                      Tara, ON

The Chesley Challenge/Canada Reads Rules:


  •  The Challenge sign-up sheet or some variation of it must be used to record signatures of residents who have read the book.
  •  Circulation statistics for the book are not eligible for counting readers of the book.  (Stats show that a book has been borrowed or renewed, but  
       not that it has been read.)
  •  Faxed signatures count.
  •  Anyone who has read the book may sign the Challenge sheet.  They may have read the book at any time since it was published.
  •  Readers of the book do not have to borrow the book from a library; they may use private copies to read and so add their name to the count.
  •  The period of the Challenge is from April 7 to May 1, 2015.


How to register your library:


Register now - send your Library name, address, email address and phone #, plus a contact name and your community’s population to:

Submit your number of signatures by Friday, May 8, 2015. 


How the winner is selected:

The winner is selected based on the percentage of the population of the library’s community who have signed the sheet stating that they have read the book.  The largest percentage of the population recorded is the winner.  Note - it is not the greatest number of readers of the book in any one community, but the percentage of the population.

For copies of posters, sign-up sheets, etc. please contact us at