Entry Rules


You are invited to nominate your Friends group, or another, for the Gabriele Schreiber Award. 

The Gabriele Schreiber "Friends of the Year" Award is given to a Friend of a Library group for outstanding support to its library and for outstanding volunteer involvement. Outstanding support for the library is demonstrated by ways in which the group has supported existing or new library programs or services and promoted awareness of its library. 

Judging is based on the listing of endeavours of the Friends group, The impact of the Friends group for the Library, the membership and volunteer involvement, the amount of funds raised, innovation in fundraising and the community involvement. 

  • Each application must be supported by a letter from the Library being supported;

  • The Awards committee will arrange for the winners to be presented with a plaque. Please take a picture of the presentation so this can be promoted on the FOCAL website and in FOCAL newsletters;

  • Winners will be sent the information about how the Library can claim the prize amount of books from Random House;
  • All applicants will be contacted with the results of the judging;
  • Winners will be announced at the 2015 FOCAL Annual General Meeting;
  • All applicants must be a member in good standing with FOCAL.

Application Form



Name of the Friends group:



Name of the Library supported by the Friends group:


Name of the contact person from the Friends group:








Mailing Address:





Check below the number of members in your Friends group


  •  50 and under  _____

  •  51 and over    _____


    Population of area your library serves_____________________

    Number of library branches served ____________________________

    Number of members__________________________________

    Number of volunteers__________________________________

In a maximum of 2 pages attached, please describe the following:


  • Listing of the endeavours of the Friends group
  • Impact of the Friends group for the Library
  • Membership and volunteer involvement
  • Amount of funds raised
  • Innovation in fundraising
  • Community involvement


Photos, in addition to the two pages outlining your Friends’ activities, are welcome.

Please complete the application and send by March 15, 2016 to
Jocelyn MacNiel, Chair,
Garbriele Schreiber Awards Committee 
– macniel@telus.net