OLA Copyright User Group

The OLA Copyright User’s Group will:

  1. Actively serve the membership of OLA by investigating and reporting on the most appropriate tools that will serve to assist and educate the membership in fulfilling their role(s) as practitioners, intermediaries and/or advisors to their user communities on copyright issues and concerns;
  2. Act as a resource to the OLA Executive on copyright issues and report to the OLA Board;
  3. Act in an advisory capacity for the OLA representative on the CFLA-FCAB Copyright Working Group;
  4. Act in support of CFLA-FCAB initiatives to lobby appropriately on library interests in Copyright.

Members of the Copyright User’s Group: Jason Bird (Sault College) Chair, Meaghan Shannon (Fanshawe College), Victoria Owen (University of Toronto Scarborough Library and OLA representative to the CFLA-FCAB Copyright Committee), Mark Swartz (Queen’s University Library), Joy Muller (Seneca Libraries, Seneca College), Eric Schwab (Toronto Public Library)
Read the Group’s Terms or Reference or contact Shelagh Paterson for more information

Slide decks from 2018 OLA Copyright Symposium - presentations on the public domain 
Access Copyright v York University - an overview of the Federal Court decision 
About Amending "Law Society" Notice - models and comments from the 2013 Copyright Symposium

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