School Library Advocacy

School libraries have experienced a decline in staffing and supports since the mid 1990’s due to budget constraints.

What can you do?

The quality of a students’ education will have an impact on the future of Ontario. We need to ensure our students have the best possible education – this includes a well-resourced school library program.
  • Engage with your local school trustee. These are elected representatives and you have every right to ask questions or express concerns. You can find out who your trustee is by asking at the school office or checking your school board’s website. Or you can find a complete list of the province’s school boards on this Ministry of Education webpage.
  • Contact the Ministry of Education to express concern over the lack of a provincial strategy for effective school library programs:
    A sample email is at: SampleEmailMinisterEducation.doc
Teacher-Librarians and Library Staff:
Ideas for Internal Support and Engagement for Your School Library 
A Dozen Ways to be Indispensable in Your District
Ontario's School Libraries

The good news

OSLA's Together for Learning has been embraced by many OSLA and TALCO members as a way to re-invent the school library for the 21st century – these schools are thinking strategically about how they can empower the school library, both physically and virtually, as a collaborator with students, teachers, and library staff.

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