Public Library Research

OLA Public Library Research

Ontario Public Library Response to COVID-19 (2020)
This survey report summarizes Ontario Public Libraries' response to the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. Children and Teen Services Benchmarking and Statistical Reports

Impact of Public Libraries

Technology Access in Public Libraries: Outcomes and Impacts for Ontario Communities. (2018) Prepared by Nordicity for Toronto Public Library.
Presents an overview of the pilot implementation of the Bridge toolkit along with a selection of key findings from the participating public libraries.

Qualitative Evaluation of the Impact of Library Programs  (2014)
OLA has partnered with Dr. Bill Irwin, Assistant Professor, Management and Organizational Studies, Huron University College on this multi-year academic research project

Preschool Early Literacy Programs in Ontario Public Libraries. (2012) by Stagg Peterson, S., and Jang E. for the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries.
Research on the ways in which preschool literacy programs in Ontario public libraries (1) facilitate participating children‘s early literacy development and school readiness, and (2) influence family interactions supporting children‘s literacy learning.

Capital Needs Analysis (2011). Federation of Ontario Public Libraries.
An analysis of public library infrastructure and costs associated with upkeep. 

How Canadian Libraries Stack Up (2011) Ontario Computer Library Center
Interesting statistics about library use in Canada.

Economic Impact and Return on Investment (RoI) Studies

Burlington Public Library. (2017). Building Burlington’s prosperity: The economic impact of Burlington Public Library.  
Halton Hills Public Library. (2014). Economic impact of Halton Hills Public Library [Report to the library board], Diamanti, J 
City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library. (2015). Public library economic impact study.  
Newmarket Public Library. (2016). Newmarket Public Library economic impact study, Kyle, T
London Public Library. (2015). A perspective on the economic impact of London Public Library on the City of London.
Milton Public Library. (2014). The economic impact of the Milton Public Library on the Town of Milton.
Ottawa Public Library. (2016). Check out the benefit: The economic benefits of the Ottawa Public Library.
Pickering Public Library. (2014). The economic impact of the Pickering Public Library on the City of Pickering .
Sault Ste. Marie Public Library (2015). Building strong and vibrant communities: The value of Sault Ste. Marie’s public library.
Stratford Public Library. (2015). Under the umbrella: Stratford Public Library’s economic impact .
Temiskaming Shores Public Library (2018). Valuing Northern Libraries: Sample Community Report.
Toronto Public Library (2013). So Much More: The Economic Impact of the Toronto Public Library on the City of Toronto, Martin Prosperity Institute.
Vaughan Public Library (2017). The Economic Impact of Vaughan Public Libraries on the City of Vaughan
Vancouver Island Regional Library. (2016). Assessing the economic impact of Vancouver Island Regional Library on our member communities.