School Library Fact Sheets

The following resources provide details, statistics, impacts and strategies that support the need for school libraries:

People for Education Research
People for Education is an independent organization working to support public education in Ontario’s English, Catholic and French schools. They conduct an annual survey of schools that includes tracking information about school libraries.
Reading for Joy (pdf)
Libraries and teacher-librarians affect students’ enjoyment of reading. This information brief looks at the correlation between the decline of reading enjoyment and the decline of teacher-librarians in schools.

Libraries: A Report from People for Education (pdf)
This report makes recommendations for support of the library as learning commons, provider of information literacy programs, and the role of IT in faculty of education programs.

Research Exemplary School Libraries in Ontario (pdf)
A Study by Queen's University and People For Education. Published by the Ontario Library Association.
This project identifies characteristics of an exemplary elementary school library that supports educational outcomes of the school.

School Libraries and Student Achievement in Ontario (pdf)
A Study by Queen's University and People for Education. Published by the Ontario Library Association
An analysis of the the relationship between student achievement and library resources and staff.