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Joint OLA and FOPL Ontario Budget Submission - 2019

The Ontario Library Association, with the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL) has submitted recommendations as part of the Ontario’s 2019 Pre-Budget consultation process. This submission re-iterates our recommendation to increase annual provincial base funding for Ontario’s public libraries, which has been frozen for more than 20 years.

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GSN Consultation

In December, OSLA, in consultation with The Association of Library Consultants and Coordinators of Ontario (TALCO), submitted recommendations in support of Ontario School Libraries, as part of the Ministry of Education 2019-20 Education Funding Guide Consultation. These recommendations focus on ensuring that funds allocated to school libraries are spent on school libraries. OLA has met with staff and representatives from the Ministry of Education to share these recommendations and ensure that Ministry representatives understand the impact of school libraries in Ontario Education.

This submission is under consideration by the Ministry of Education as part of their Grants for Students Needs consultation process. We will provide further updates as this consultation process continues.