OLA Community

As of January 2020, the OLA Community is no longer accessible.

 The OLA Community is an interactive forum and social networking site that allows registered users to interact with each other on a variety of topics related to librarianship. It is free to join the OLA Community. Library professionals and supporters can use the OLA Community to:
  • Network with other library professionals and supporters
  • Ask questions, share important news, and discuss the latest trends with others in your field
  • Learn about other sectors of librarianship and the issues that are impacting them
  • Look up contacts
Groups (including committees, federations, councils) can use the OLA Community to:
  • Confidentially share files and documents amongst group members
  • Have a place to archive recent documents. This can be very helpful for incoming committee members
  • Sign up for email alerts, which notify you when a group member has added a file or comment to your group/committee community page

If you do not have an OLA Community account and would like to join please contact Melissa Macks, mmacks@accessola.com

If you require assistance with OLA Community please email membership@accessola.com.