OLA Orientation 

For Elected Officers, Committee Members, and OLA Volunteers

Ontario Library Association, OLA Download in PDF
Our Team   Download in PDF
Strategic Plan   Download in PDF
OLA's Shared Values   Download in PDF
OLA Publications
 Download in PDF
OLA Awards and Recognition
 Download in PDF
OLA Scholarships, Bursaries, and Funds  Download in PDF
OLA Education & Events (Super Conference)   Download in PDF
OLA Programs (Forest of Reading®)   Download in PDF
OLA Issues & Advocacy
 Download in PDF


 OLA Handbook for Board, Divisional Councils, and Committees​

Annual Calendar of OLA Meetings and Events  Download in PDF
OLA Annual General Meetings 
 Download in PDF
OLA Expense Claim Form 
 Download in PDF
Board & Councillor Roles, Responsibilities & Logistics   Download in PDF
Rules of Order for Board Meetings   Download in PDF
Council Meeting Guideline   Download in PDF
Board Orientation