Policies & Procedures

Governance Policies & Procedures:
G2.1 Orientation
   G3.4 Executive Director Succession 
G2.2 OLA Event Code for Conduct
   G3.5 VP Roles and Responsibilities 
G2.3 Board Meeting 
   G3.6 OLA Nomination to the CFLA-FCAB Board
 of Directors
 G2.3.1 Voting on Association Business by Electronic Means  
   G4.1 Executive Director Roles and  Responsibilities
G2.4 Delegation of Authority
   G4.4 Nominations and Elections  
G2.5 Executive Limitations
   G4.6 Super Conference Event  
G2.6 Executive Director's Evaluation
   G4.9 Board Framework and Development    
G2.7 Board Evaluation
   G5.1 Finance  
G2.8 Conflict of Interest      G5.2.4 Social Media   
G3.1 OLA President      G5.2.5 Anti-Spam  
G3.2 OLA Executive      G5.4 Privacy  
G3.3 OLA Board Member-Director
   G5.5 French Translation  


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