OLA's Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017

The 2014 - 2017 plan was developed in 2013 through consultation with OLA members, the broader library community and the OLA Board and divisional councils.  Dysart and Jones designed the strategic planning process, which included a series of teleconference town halls, a broadly disseminated survey, the use of personas in planning for member services, and intensive sessions with the OLA Board.

Year 4: September 2016 – June 2017

Growing Career Paths and Potential:

  • Evaluating the OLA awards program to ensure the association is recognizing and promoting excellence in the delivery of library services. New Tactic: Create an online awards archive.
  • Creation of a volunteer orientation handbook.
  • Emerging priority: a networking and professional development strategy to engage and support small and rural libraries. 

Collaborating to Extend Libraries Strategic Voice

  • Begin implementation of OLA's 3 Year Government Relations strategy.
  • Emerging priority: Develop an OLA research strategy  that support effective government engagement. 

Strengthening the Organization


  • Capture and leverage member data - e.g.. use of scanners to track attendance at sessions/other learning events to mine data and develop intelligencnce on member behaviours and patterns. Increase target marketing beyond divisional niches.
  • Delivering targeted opportunities including marketing to our members through a deeper analysis of member data (ROI on membership). 


  • Launch the process for creating the 2017-2020 OLA Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure processes to support virtual participation including: codifying a process for online decision-making, developing procedures for virtual meeting and e-voting are approved at the 2016 AGM  (The meeting held in 2017).
  • Strengthen volunteer leadership effectiveness by developing an orientation program for committee chairs.
  • Create and implement a service policy that guides decisions about French translation and services for the association.

Revenue development and fiscal accountability:

  • Develop a social media campaign for the library lust (merchandise) brand of The Library Marketplace to increase awareness and meet revenue targets. 
  • Review and refine the process for sponsorship of OLA programs.
  • Implement the new OLA Fund Development Plan.

Technology Infrastructure:

  • Develop and implement online donation module.
  • Launch a pilot crowdsourcing campaign to support OCULA's New Librarian Residency Award.
  • Research and develop a plan to transition the Forest of Reading registration process to IMIS database.
  • Create a 3-year (2017-2019) IT plan to include a usability plan. 

Transforming Ideas Into Solutions

  • Continued expansion of the OLA Festival of Trees.
  • Further develop and integrate the Festival of Trees fund raising campaign into the new OLA Fund Development Plan.
  • Create a plan for the proposed "I read Canadian" campaign. 
  • Publish and Market the "Evaluation Framework for Libraries' book. 
  • Create and promote the "summer reading" resource for parents. 

 Download a complete copy of OLA's Strategic plan.