By-Law No. 4



  1. The name of the division herein constituted shall be the Ontario College and University Library Association, Division of the Ontario Library Association and shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Division" and the Ontario Library Association shall be referred to herein as the "Corporation".


  1. The objects of the Division are:
    • To extend and improve college and university libraries and library service in Ontario,
    • To inform the membership of developments and trends in college and university library service,
    • To provide opportunities for college and university library personnel to discuss problems and exchange ideas with library personnel in other fields,
    • To provide a liaison between college and university library personnel and whatever agencies or groups with which they may wish to enter into discussions or negotiations,
    • To provide programs for the professional development of college and university library personnel in the province of Ontario.


  1. The affairs of the Division shall be managed by the duly elected Council in a manner consistent with By-Law No. 1.
    • The composition of the Council shall be:
      • The Past-President
      • The President
      • The Vice-President (President-Elect)
      • The Secretary
      • The Treasurer
      • Five Councilors-at-Large (one who shall serve as Treasurer and one who shall serve as Secretary)
      • Executive Director (non-voting)
      • Editor-in-Chief of OCULA Online Publications (ex-officio)
      • Deputy Editor of OCULA Online Publications (ex-officio)
      • Two Super Conference planners (ex-officio)

      provided that each of the foregoing, except for the Executive Director, are personal members in good standing of OCULA at the time of their election and throughout their term of office.
    • Councilors-at-large shall serve for three years.
    • The Vice-President (President-Elect) shall serve the first year after the election as Vice-President (President-Elect), the second year as President, the third year as Past-President.
    • No councilor shall serve as a councilor for more than two consecutive terms in the same position.
    • There shall be representation on Council from the college and university sectors. Council shall seek nomination or appointment from either sector as required.