OLA Travel Subsidies

The OLA Board of Directors has established a modest travel fund to ensure members of the association have opportunities to participate in OLA programs despite geographical barriers.

The fund is to cover travel costs, that when reasonably purchased would exceed $500. Some exceptions may apply and are at the discretion of the OLA board to approve.

Disbursement is not to exceed $1,500. The annual number of disbursements to recipients will vary and are based on the annual budget situation of the association.

Guidelines for application:

  • The recipient requires the travel subsidy because they are situated in an area in Ontario from which travel to the OLA program is costly (exceeds $500).
  • Recipient must be a member of OLA.
  • Members may receive the travel subsidy once only.
  • Recipients must consider reporting or communications about the event attended such as a report to their local organization, a submission to an OLA publication, online correspondence, etc. The means of reporting is at the discretion of the recipient.
  • The members’ organization is unable to cover the cost of travel.
  • The member must provide an estimate of travel expenses as part of the application procedure.
  • The recipient may arrange for direct billing to OLA through OLA’s travel agency, or initially cover cost and submit all receipts for reimbursement.
Upon meeting the above conditions, the recipient is selected by lottery.
In most situations, OLA will provide complimentary registration to the OLA program to further offset costs (for example, the annual Super Conference).

To Apply:

Send an email to  membership@accessola.com
With the following information:
  • The OLA program you wish to attend (please apply a minimum of three weeks in advance of the event)
  • Complete contact details
  • Estimate of travel expense
We will confirm confirmation of email.