OLA Funds

OLA is a charitable and non-profit organization that has established several funds, scholarships, and bursaries to assist our members in their education and professional pursuits. Funding is available for OLA members across all divisions and career stages.
Additionally, OLA offers scholarships and bursaries for all OLBA members, OPLA members, and travel bursaries for any OLA event.

For more information around donations, or if you have questions, please contact donations@accessola.com             
All donations of $20.00 or more OLA will generate a tax receipt. 
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  Funding for Innovative Projects or Ideas
The Larry Moore Fund, 
named after the former Executive Director of OLA, funds the Larry Moore Challenge, a bi-annual competition to encourage and foster leadership and innovation in librarianship.
About the Larry Moore Fund
Typical funding amount: up to $2,500. Larger scale proposals may also be considered.
Apply to this fund any time of year
Proposals for the 2020 Larry Moore Challenge are now closed.

Funding for Library Research

The Research on Libraries Fund is a
warded to a person or group who wishes to do research within the library and information sector.
Focus for 2018/2019: Research that would build the data needed to improve and enrich school library programs.
About the Research on Libraries Fund
Typical funding amount: $500 to $2,000. Larger scale proposals may also be considered.
Apply to this fund any time of year

The Research and Continuing Education Fund supports theoretical and applied research advancing the fields of library and information science in their broadest context.
About the Research and Continuing Education Fund
Typical funding amount: $2,000
Apply to this fund any time of year


Funding for Children's Literacy and the Festival of Trees

The I Read Canadian Fund supports the expansion of the Forest of Reading Festivals into rural and at-risk communities, provides book delivery and/or book sets to rural, remote and Indigenous communities, and assists with school author visits.
About the I Read Canadian Fund
Typical funding amount: Up to $1,000 depending on need
Apply to this fund  any time of year

The Children's Book Award provides a monetary award to a Canadian children's authors and illustrators to support a library or community organization visit in a small or rural community in Canada. 
About the Children's Book Award
Typical funding amount: $500
Apply to this fund any time of year

Funding for University or College Library School Tuition

The Dr. Janette Baker Scholarship is a
warded to support enrolment at a recognized Ontario library and information program by an individual who has been working for a minimum of three years and who is employed outside of the education profession.
About the Dr. Janette Baker Scholarship
To view past recipients 
Typical funding amount: Up to $5,000 and a 1 year OLA Membership
Apply to this fund between February and April each year

The Scholarship Fund is awarded to support those entering their final semester at a Canadian library and information program. 
About the Scholarship Fund
Typical funding amount: Up to $5,000
Apply to this fund any time of year

Funding for Rural Ontario Literacy Programs
The Rural Learning Association established the Sarah Badgley Literacy Fund for Rural Ontario Children in 2002. The Ontario Library Association now administers the Fund. 
About the Sarah Badgley Literacy Fund
To view past recipients 
Typical funding amount: Up to four $500 cash awards per year
Apply to this fund: Phase 1 Applications are due April 15 each year. Phase 1 Applications are now being accepted for 2020.

Funding for Mentorship Initiatives
 OLA Mentoring Fund is a
warded to establish a mentoring project of enduring significance at OLA.
About the OLA Mentoring Fund
Typical funding amount: Dependant on the Mentoring Project.
Apply to this fund: A callout will be made when a Mentoring Project is established.

Funding for New Teacher-Librarians
The OLA/OSLA Ken Haycock Super Conference Grant helps new teacher-librarians by awarding up to $500 to attend Super Conference. Your support ensures that new teacher-librarians can take advantage of this great professional learning opportunity. 
About the OLA/OSLA Ken Haycock Super Conference Grant
To view past recipients
Typical funding amount: $500 
Apply to this fund until November 1 each year.

Funding for Exemplary Library Leadership
The Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship, formerly provided by the Canadian Library Association (CLA) and now presented in partnership with the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC), provides a cash award to a deserving Canadian librarian who has demonstrated exceptional success in enhancing the public recognition and appreciation of librarianship. 
About the Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship
Typical funding amount: $1,000 cash prize 
Apply to this fund: Email info@culc.ca with details as directed in "About the Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship"

Funding for Intellectual Freedom Defenses
The Intellectual Freedom Fund provides assistance to public libraries serving a population under 29,999 or libraries that would encounter undue financial hardship to defend intellectual freedom.
About the Intellectual Freedom Fund
Typical funding amount: Up to $5,000
Apply to this fund any time of year