Who We Are

Founded in 1900, the Ontario Library Association (OLA) is the oldest continually operating non profit library association in Canada. With more than 5,000 members, the OLA is the largest library association in the country. We provide the chance for library staff and supporters to share experience and expertise while creating innovative solutions in a constant changing environment. We offer opportunities for learning, networking, recognizing, influencing and celebrating within the library world.

A Who's Who of Library Leadership: The Presidents of the Ontario Library Association
Whether in a formal library setting, in a commercial setting or in government, we are the people who bring information to the people of Ontario. We are experts in the organization of information and ideas and supports to research and development. We are:
  • Librarians
  • Technicians
  • School administrators
  • Publishers and producers
  • Protectors of the culture
  • Directors

  • Front line staff
  • Teacher-librarians
  • Authors
  • Friends of libraries
  • Community catalysts

  • Systems specialists
  • Financial officers
  • Library suppliers
  • Subject specialists
  • Information brokers

Our Mission

The Ontario Library Association, through leadership and collaboration, is a centre of excellence for the library and information sector. OLA enables members, through their shared values, dynamic expertise and collective wisdom to:

  • Advocate the democratic right of all individuals in Ontario to have free and equitable access to information
  • Research and develop innovative programs and services to meet the challenges of change in the delivery and use of information
  • Deliver exemplary library and information services throughout Ontario

Our Vision and Values

In our vision all Ontarians are free to imagine, learn and discover, and recognize and celebrate library and information services as an essential resource for realizing individual aspirations and developing communities. The OLA Board of Directors created a set of guiding values for the board and the association. 

How OLA is Organized

The OLA is governed by a board of directors that is comprised of:
  • The board executive committee; vice-president, president, past president, and treasurer.
  • The president and vice-president of each of the 6 OLA divisions.
  • The Executive Director (ex-officio) who is responsible for the operations of OLA and reports to the OLA Board of Directors.
Members of OLA are also a member of one of our divisions. The association is comprised of 6 divisions; each OLA division has an elected council.