Past Events

RA IN A DAY 2018

Taking Reading Online: #reading and #socialmedia

RA IN A DAY 2016

To Boldly Read Where No-one has Read Before! - Science Fiction & Readers' Advisory

RA IN A DAY 2015

Red Hot RA: Demystifying the Romance Genre

RA IN A DAY 2014

The 2014 program for RA in a Day focused on the reading experience to honour the work of Catherine Sheldrick Ross to understand and celebrate the reader.  All of the sessions focused on the personal reading experience and the impact that reading has in our lives. 

Sharing the Reading Experience - Summary of Discussions
Reading Practices of Older Adults - Presentation slides and follow-up reading

RA IN A DAY 2013

During the day, participants will learn about the latest RA trends and look at how to best serve those who visit our libraries every day, either in-person or virtually. RA in a Day 2012 looked at ways in which libraries could build community through reading and readers’ services.  From virtual to in-person, readers’ services can forge a connection with our community that benefits the reader and the library.  This year, we look at the different communities that libraries serve and present unique and informed strategies for making direct connections with diverse readers.


Reading and Immigrant Communities by Keren Dali Download Keren's slides here.

Engaging Our Diverse Communities by:
Laura Arizza Download Laura's presentation.
Cameron Ray Download Cameron's presentation.
Natalia Tukhareli Download Natalia's presentation

RA IN A DAY 2012

In 2011, we looked at the changing patterns of usage and the way virtual visits are changing service models; the speakers and panellists discussed strategies that enable library staff to take what we know about face to face readers' advisory and take it where readers are, as this key library service moves into the virtual world. In 2012, we continued that conversation, understanding that more than ever reading builds community and libraries have a vital role to play in this development. We heard from the Globe and Mail and Toronto Public Library about online book clubs attracting diverse audiences, we shared ideas about great reading-based programs at our libraries in a round table, we were captivated by lunchtime author Deborah Harkness's stories about research into medieval manuscripts, witches and vampires, we received an update on Dr. Mar's research, and learned about the great GoodReads features for libraries from Patrick Brown.
Read the full description of the days events here. 


RA IN A DAY 2011

Focusing on reaching virtual readers our opening keynote was delivered by Duncan Smith, creator of NoveList. He spoke about RA as a Transformative Act. A morning panel assembled a group of thinkers around the idea of how we deliver our RA services and reach out to virtual patrons. Dr. Keith Oatley explored the psychological reasons for reading fiction. Throughout the afternoon several Ontario libraries showcased their merchandising and space planning efforts in patron reading areas. Over the lunch hour we were dazzled by the characters and stories of the brilliant Charlotte Gray.

Read the full description of the day's events here.


RA IN A DAY 2010

Speakers included Rachel Van Riel talking about “Putting Readers First: An introduction to the reader-centred approach,” Dr. Raymond A. Mar talking about empirical research on reading, and its implications for advising readers, the committee members giving a talk about book trailers, and author Terry Fallis (replacing Andrew Pyper).

RA IN A DAY 2009

Speakers included George Murray and Jackie Sasaki talking about “Blogging books and blogging at your library,” Heather Booth talking about “Serving Teens Through Readers’ Advisory,” the committee members giving genre talks about narrative non-fiction, and author Kelley Armstrong.

RA IN A DAY 2008

Speakers included Laura Calderone talking about RA 2.0, Diana Tixier Herald talking about “Book Buzz: RA for YAs,” and author Helen Humphreys.

RA IN A DAY 2007

Speakers included David Wright talking about “Literature 2.0: Keeping Your Cool While Meeting the Reading Needs of the Twenty-something Reader,” Neal Wyatt talking about “Reading Maps: Charting Itineraries Through Books,” the Dewey Divas and the Dudes presenting Fall 2007 selections, and author Robert J. Sawyer.

RA IN A DAY 2006

A mystery-themed year with author Mary Jane Maffini.