Carr McLean 
Proudly Canadian owned and operated, we have been sourcing and supplying Library and Archival products to Customers across Canada and around the world for more than 50 years. Our capable sales and support staff are available to provide assistance in areas such as book repair, and processing, or planning and designing offices and libraries. The Projects Department is one of the longest established in Canada, with decades of experience providing real design solutions. We can produce Computer Aided Drawings (CAD), which illustrate your design and easily permit changes to be made.  Cost appraisals can be provided to assist you in budgeting for your new projects

Keebee Play 
Since 1995, Keebee products have been produced from safe and superior building materials obtained from the United States and Canada. Installed into many thousands of locations all over the world, Keebee Play has come to be known as the premier producer of modular play equipment and is why Keebee products are preferred by many corporate clients who have come to rely upon the safety and durability that Keebee Play products provide.

Logics Academy 
Logics Academy provides products and resources for the Canadian classroom, educator professional learning programs and in Ontario direct to student workshops and courses in and out of the classroom.

Van-Rez Products 
Ven-Rez has been manufacturing school, institutional and library furniture for over 60 years. Their 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Eastern Canada has easy access to international shipping, allowing them to supply markets in North America, Africa and the West Indies.

Convergent Library Technologies
Convergent Library Technologies brings together diverse products and services specific to the library market. Their solutions streamline processes, facilitate broader access to services and provide efficiencies to staff. They are active development partners in both the BookWhere Suite and PeopleWhere products assisting with product direction based on customer driven expectations.

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