About the Forest of Reading

The Forest of Reading® is Canada's largest recreational reading program! This initiative of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) offers eight reading programs to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages. The Forest helps celebrate Canadian books, publishers, authors and illustrators. More than 250,000 readers participate annually from their School and/or Public Library. All Ontarians/Canadians are invited to participate via their local public library, school library, or individually.

Goals of the Forest of Reading

  • Love of reading: Create a meaningful experience for your readers and create exciting opportunities for reluctant readers to create lifelong readers.
  • A proven head start: The results are in! Children who read for fun have higher literacy scores, have more success in science and math, and are more socially and civically engaged (Reading for Joy, P4E, 2011).
  • Libraries at centre stage: With fun activities, prizes and more, the Forest of Reading puts libraries at the heart of the action!
  • Reading Canadian: Help support and celebrate Canadian books, publishers, authors and illustrators by taking advantage of the Forest’s curated, all-Canadian reading lists for all ages and levels.
Download the Forest of Reading® and Festival of Trees Information Kit
Use this kit to become an ambassador for the Forest! Share it with those who aren't aware of the Forest of Reading, and tell them to register and get involved in Canada's largest recreational reading program.

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Our Programs are designed for various age ranges as follows:

Programs for Kids

  Program Name
Grade Range
Book Type

Blue Spruce Award™
JK–Grade 2
Picture Books

Silver Birch Award® Grades 3–6 Fiction / Non-fiction / Express

Red Maple Award™
Grades 7–8 Fiction Every Year / Non-fiction Every Other Year

White Pine Award™
Grades 9–12

Le Prix Peuplier
varies Picture Books

Le Prix Tamarac
Chapter Books

Le Prix Tamarac Express
Shorter chapter books or mature picture books

Programs For Adults

  Program Name
Grade Range
Book Type

Golden Oak Award™
Adults learning to read, ESL
Fiction / Non-fiction

Evergreen Award™ Adults of any age Fiction / Non-fiction

Program Timeline

In October, the school aged-programs are launched when the lists of nominated titles are announced by the OLA. Most schools and libraries start to run the program in December/January. School-aged programs are given in May at the Festival of Trees, the Golden Oak Award is given in June at the Learner' Conference and the Evergreen Award is given during Ontario Public Library Week each October.

Registering Your School, Library or Child

You simply need to register online. The cost of the registration is for one school or library, no matter the number of readers in your program. Parents are encouraged to register their own child if they want to run it outside of either the school or library. Within a public library system each branch is a different site, therefore each branch must register separately. The nominal registration fee is separate from the cost of the books.

Getting the Books

Books are sold by the official wholesaler of the Forest, Tinlids Inc., and are available in retail stores and public libraries. The OLA encourages you to support your local independent bookstores when possible. Tinlids Inc. offers schools and public libraries a discount. Alternatively, when registering for the program, books can be purchased through OLA, but will be shipped by Tinlids Inc.

Official Wholesaler

The Forest of Reading Official Wholesaler is Tinlids Inc. Without their support this program would not be possible. Visit the Official Wholesaler webpage to learn more. 


The Forest of Reading Award programs are trademarked with either a ® or ™, so please ensure you are following the style guide when using these programs for any purpose. Only registered sites are permitted to be using the Forest brand.