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Forest of Reading News

Voting in the 2019 School-Aged Programs Is Now Open!

Voting happens throughout the month of April and closes on April 30.

You must be a current registrant of the program to gain exclusive access to the password website - where you can submit your readers' votes. Register today! 

Introducing Light Reads, Great Stories!

With the retirement of the Golden Oak Award Program, we are introducing a new list called Light Reads, Great Stories.

This list is perfect for new readers in adult literacy programs, ESL students and readers, and adult learners.

Download the new 10-title list!

Forest Registration Is Now Open


  • When registering for the Forest of Reading, you MUST create a new account. This account is separate from your My OLA Account and the OLA Community Login, as this is a separate registration portal.

  • When making a book set purchase of more than $500, enter the promo code #500Books to receive free shipping on book purchases of $500 or more

  • When registering multiple branches/schools: Select the “Register Another” button at the top of the screen to register again. If you complete the registration in the same session, your log-in will be saved. If an OLA Member number was entered in their first registration, this data is also saved. Shipping data must be entered/edited for each school or branch.

  • Please do not refresh your webpage. Allow the page to load. This may take a few seconds.

Planning Your Fundraisers for the Upcoming School Year?

Why not do something that raises money for the I Read Canadian Fund? Canadian kids deserve access to new, Canadian book and you can make that happen!

Learn more on how you can help here on the I Read Canadian Fund website.