Submission and Selection Criteria


Submission Requirements

  1. A selection committee is responsible for choosing a minimum of 2 books over the number required to fulfill the needs of the category of nominees in Forest of Reading programs.
  2. The books considered by a selection committee must be written by a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. They must be commercially available in Canada. In the case of anthologies, the editor should be a Canadian citizen or resident and the inclusions should be primarily by Canadian writers.
  3. All books submitted for the 2018 program must have been published as follows:
    • School aged must have been published in 2016 or 2017. 
    • Golden Oak must have been published anytime between 2014 and 2017
    • Evergreen must have been published in 2016 or 2017
  4. Publishers/Authors should not resend books that have submitted for the 2017 program. If they were sent for the 2017 program and were not selected, and are still eligible, they have been pulled for consideration for 2018.
  5. English translations of books originally written in other languages will be accepted.
  6. Previously published books outside of the dates above are not accepted unless they have been 80% rewritten (previous winners of any Forest of Reading Award are not permitted).  The committees use the original publishing date.

Selection Committee Timeline | Reading Schedule

Book Selection Criteria

The following criteria are presented in order of importance:
  1. Literary quality in the case of fiction including but not limited to:
    • structure, richness of language, craft of the writer, pace, clarity.
  2. Quality of presentation for non-fiction, including but not limited to:
    • appeal and appropriateness of the presentation, clarity, layout, format.
  3. Audience appeal
    • appropriateness to the age group (school-aged, adult literacy etc.), a range of readability, inclusiveness and diversity, the themes and content.
  4. Accuracy and relevance
  5. Balance in the final list with respect to protagonists of different genders, subject appeal for different genders, cultural diversity, geographical settings, e.g., rural, urban, alternate realities etc., variety of genres.
  6. Curriculum connection is outside the purposes of the reading programs for the school-aged programs.

*Criteria specifically for each program.
*Statement on the Intellectual Rights of the Individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can books that are being released as anniversary editions be submitted for consideration if their original publication date was before the Forest of Reading® existed?  
No. The Forest of Reading programs selects books of current/contemporary authors/illustrators. The whole essence of the Forest of Reading is for readers to have access to authors and their future works, and hopefully have the ability to meet them in person at one of the ceremonies, celebrations or Festival of Trees.

Can series books be submitted?
Only books that can stand alone without having to be read the previous books will be considered.  

If a book is being rewritten can it be submitted for consideration?
If the book has been 80% rewritten and has not won a Forest of Reading Award before it can be resubmitted for consideration.