Resources & Free Downloads

Please find below downloadable materials that you can use to educate your readers, their parents and the community around you to heighten awareness of the Forest program. 

Once you've registered for the Forest, you'll have access to more materials through the password-protected website.

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Brand Guide

Forest of Reading New Brand Guide  

Nominee Flyers

School-Aged Programs   
French Programs  
Evergreen Program  


General Flyers

What Is The Forest?   
Why Register for the Forest of Reading   
Why Is the Forest of Reading Important  
Why Register Your Indigenous Community   
Forest of Reading Festival  
How You Can Promote the Forest  
History of the Forest  
How Reading Measures Up  

Program Promotional Flyers

School-Aged Programs  
Evergreen Program  

Summer Reading Lists - 2019

Teen Committee Summer Reading List  
Teen Committee Poster  
Kid Committee Summer Reading List  
Kid Committee Poster