Forest Fridays FAQs 

Do I need any special software to participate in the virtual author visits?
No. All registrants receive an email with a web conferencing link prior to the visit. All you need to access it is a computer that has access to the Internet and working computer speakers. However, it is a good idea to test your connection well ahead of the presentation to make sure that your browser is up to date and that you are able to install any plugins that might be required. This is VERY important for schools.

We use Adobe Connect as our web conferencing platform. To ensure your computer is set up with the appropriate tools to participate in an Adobe Connect Meeting, try the Test Meeting Connection. Sometimes plugins need to be installed or your browser updated.

If you run into severe difficulties, you can contact the Adobe Connect Help Line at 1-800-44-3623 (800 42 ADOBE).

Do I need a teleconferencing number?
You do not need a teleconference number. Sound will come through your computer speakers or headphones. Only the authors and the convenors have audio privileges.

Will I be able to interact with the authors during the presentation?

Yes. While you can't communicate verbally, you will be able to interact with the authors or the conveners via the chat box on the Adobe Connect platform. Authors might also ask you to raise a virtual hand in response to a question or type in answers to a question or to complete a poll.

How do I log into the web conferencing link?
Click the “Guest” option and then type in your own name or your school/institution name. No special login or password is required.

I’ve never attended an Adobe Connect virtual author visit. Is it complicated?
Not at all. The convenor always gives a short introduction of the various features before the actual the virtual author visit starts and you are free to ask questions during the presentation using the chat window feature. You’ll feel like an old pro by the end of the virtual visit.

Can I access the virtual author visit on my iPad?
Unfortunately, no. Adobe Connect uses Flash Player, which is not available on iOS.

I'm having tech trouble prior or during a virtual visit - can you help me?
If you have registered for a virtual author visit and are having trouble accessing it, check out our troubleshooting page.

I am not registered in the Forest of Reading. Can I still attend the author virtual visit?
Yes. The cost of attending the author virtual visit if you are not a Forest registrant is $45 for Ontario Library Association members or $55 for non-members. You may register solely for the author virtual visit through the Education Institute.

However, if you register in the Forest, you can gain access to all virtual visits as part of your Forest registration for a one-time fee (as well as over 500 resources for each of the reading programs). Read more information on how to register in the Forest and the fees.

Can I share the link for the virtual author visit with my friends outside my school/library?
NO. Your registration covers a single-location access, which means you can host a group in a single room or watch it individually. Please do not forward the connection email or link to others. (Learn more about registering other people.) We are a non-profit that exists to serve our members, and our system is honour-based.

I would like to register a number of classes in my school for an upcoming author visit, how can I do that?
You may distribute the web conferencing link to your classrooms. When they each log in, they can type in the school AND their classroom number in the “Guest” option.

Alternatively, you can arrange to have a group attend from a single location (such as a gym or boardroom with a projector or A/V system). In this instance only one person needs to register and log in.

When can I expect the link for the virtual author visit to be sent to me?
The instructions and link will be sent the day before via email. If you do not receive the connection instruction email by the day of the presentation, please check your spam filter and ensure that you have added to your address book.

For those who are not registered in the Forest and have registered only for the virtual author visit: If you’ve registered for the virtual author visit on the same day it’s being presented, we urge you to email us at informing us of this, so that we can make sure that you have all the information you need by the time the virtual visit starts.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
We do not offer refunds for missed virtual visits. 

For those who are not registered in the Forest and have registered only and paid for the virtual author visit: If a virtual visit is cancelled, registrants will receive a credit for a future virtual visit. Please note that virtual visit dates are subject to change.

I need a receipt to be reimbursed by my organization. How do I get it?
Any time you register (for either the virtual visit via the Education Institute or for your Forest registration) you will receive an email confirmation of payment, which should act as a receipt and can be forwarded on to whomever you like.