The Forest of Reading needs volunteers to make these programs a success. Being a part of one of the committees is an exciting opportunity that you can thoroughly enjoy.  

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Selection Committee: The volunteers that select the books for the nominated lists. 
  • Steering Committee: The volunteers that work with the authors, publishers and Forest of Reading staff once the lists are nominated.
  • Festival Volunteer:  The volunteers that work with OLA staff to successfully put on the Festivals in Toronto and other satellite locations.
  • Kid Committee: Readers in the Forest select a summer recommended reading list for those in Grades 4 to 8
  • *NEW* Teen Committee: Readers in the Forest select a summer recommended reading list for those in high school (accepting applications in late March)
Note: All people applying to volunteer must be OLA members, with the exception of Festival Volunteers and Kid and Teen Committee members. All those wishing to be on the Selection Committee must be library professionals (such as librarians, library technicians, teachers, teacher-librarians, etc.) or have book-selecting experience.

For Kids

  Program Name
Grade Range
Book Type

Blue Spruce Award™
JK–Grade 2
Picture books

Silver Birch Award® Grades 3–6 Fiction, non-fiction

Red Maple Award™
Grades 7–8 Fiction every year, non-fiction every other year

White Pine Award™
Grades 9–12

Le Prix Peuplier
Varies French picture books

Le Prix Tamarac
French chapter books

Le Prix Tamarac Express
French shorter chapter books or mature picture books

For Adults

  Program Name
Grade Range
Book Type

Golden Oak Award™
Adults learning to read, ESL
Fiction, non-Fiction

Evergreen Award™ Adults of any age Fiction, non-Fiction