The Ontario Library Association welcomes all media inquiries. We're here to assist media in capturing an accurate picture of Ontario's libraries, while also providing resources and interviews for literacy and education issues.

For all media, communications, and marketing inquiries related to the Ontario Library Association or the Forest of Reading, please contact the Marketing and Communications department.

OLA relies on dozens of volunteers who make up our many committees, councils and boards. We also curate many nationally acclaimed events and programs, which include the Forest of Reading, Festival of Trees, and the OLA Super Conference. Our volunteers are Ontario's experts in:

  • Public Libraries
  • School Libraries
  • Academic Libraries
  • Library Trustees
  • Collections and Resources
  • Library Programs
  • Literacy and Education
  • Advocacy Issues

Past Media Releases:

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OLA’s publications are always looking for contributors and volunteer editorial board members to produce online and print publications. To get involved in OLA’s various publications, please contact the editors directly:

Monthly Newsletters and Social Media Promotion

If you are interested in promoting your service, program, event, or initiative, it may be possible to include it in OLA’s monthly newsletters sent to current members. If you wish for OLA to promote your service, program, event, or initiative through our newsletters or social media accounts, please contact for more information.

Sponsorship and Advertising

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of OLA, please visit our Sponsorship webpage.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Forest of Reading Festival of Trees, please contact

To advertise in our print publications - The Teaching Librarian and the Super Conference onsite print program - please contact Gap.Point.Reach at Download The Teaching Librarian Media Kit for 2019-2020.