Editor: Nicole Zummach

About: HoOPLA describes the decisions and activities of the Ontario Public Library Association (OPLA) leadership, explains OPLA program and provides news of interest to Ontario public library staff and supporters. It is distributed electronically to OPLA members every season, and in print every January at the annual OLA Super Conference.

Questions? Contact the HoOPLA Editor or the OLA Staff Liaison, Lauren Hummel.

Interested in Submitting to HoOPLA? All submissions may be edited for length, content and or style, and should be as brief as required to present the information, usually ranging from 150 to 500 words. Read more about submitting here.

Approximate Deadlines for Submission:
  • April 15 – for early May release to OPLA members by e-mail
  • July 15 – for early August release to OPLA members by e-mail
  • October 15 – for early November release to OPLA members by e-mail
  • December 1 - for Super Conference print edition

NOTE: For the May 2020 edition of HoOPLA, we are looking for content that falls under the following sections during COVID-19:

Work-from-Home Strategies: Your strategies for working from home

Your Virtual Library: Innovative ways that you are reaching out to patrons

Everyday Heroes: The heroes in your library world and community during this time of crisis.

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