OCULA Awards

Awards offered to current or aspiring members of the Ontario College and University Library Association (OCULA).
NEW! All award nominations are now accepted through online forms. Please see each individual award for more information. 
Nominations are due on November 1, with the exception of the Lightning Strikes Student Award, due November 15.
For more information, contact awards@accessola.com

  OCULA Award for Special Achievement  
The OCULA Award for Special Achievement honours exceptional achievement(s) in at least one of the following areas over the past 2 years: Service to OLA/OCULA and any other library organization, or Research and publication in areas of academic librarianship, or Planning and implementing a library program which serves as a model to others. 
  OCULA Lifetime Achievement Award 
To recognize an individual working in libraries in Ontario who has made an outstanding contribution to academic or research library development.
  OCULA Lightning Strikes Student Award
To promote OCULA to LIS students and provide an opportunity to participate in the OLA Super Conference.
  OCULA New Librarian Residency Award
The intention of the residency award is to enhance recruitment of new librarians to academic librarianship and provide entry-level professional work experience in an academic or research library setting.​ Please contact Shelagh Paterson for more information.