OLA Archival and Preservation Achievement Award

The Ontario Library Association recognizes Ontario-based individuals and institutions who have made significant achievements on a personal or institutional level in the field of preservation and/or conservation for library and/or archival materials.

  1. METHODOLOGY: Contributions to the development, application or utilization of new or improved methods, techniques and routines.
  2. LEADERSHIP: Leadership in either an organization or a significant archival or preservation project.
  3. RESEARCH: Evidence of studies or research or contribution to professional literature.
  4. PARTNERSHIP: Archival or Preservation achievement through partnerships and strategic alliances with industry, the community and/or other institutions.
  5. MENTORING: Training and professional mentoring in the field of archival or preservation.
To apply: Complete the online nomination form by November 1 
For questions or more information, contact awards@accessola.com

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2019 Award Recipient


 Ardis Proulx-Chedore

Cochrane Public Library
Ardis works in the archives to preserve the communities history, maintains over 100 years of community newspapers, develops the collection of local and area authors material and promotes the practice to local area schools and colleges. Without her dedication to archival work, many pieces of local history would have been lost to garage sales, weather, and damage. Ardis has helped create partnerships between the library and the local heritage museum so that together they can preserve many different types of materials. Ardis has also partnered with several non-profit groups to collect and store minutes of meetings and events which are held. Ardis has been crucial in developing an online death, marriage, and birth index on the libraries website which is available to the public to search. Ardis hosts regular library hours and continues to make sure that the public is actively involved in their local history. Without this effort and work, we would not have a library that functions in the role of providing information to the public when requested. Hillary Meaden, Cochrane Public Library

2018 Award Recipient


 David Sharron

Head, Archives and Special Collections, Brock University
David excels due to his professional expertise and superb skills in building relationships. Examples include working with six museums and a school board to digitize War of 1812 artifacts for an commemorative educational online exhibit and collaborating with the National Archives of Paris to verify an authentic 1825 letter from Napoleon. Identifying autism as a unique focus in North America, David built a new collection including materials from notable individuals such as Temple Grandin and Nobel Prize winner Nikolaas Tinbergen. David makes history come alive for Brock students, working with faculty to showcase archival materials via curriculum and co-op placements. So far, seven students David mentored have progressed into archival/heritage careers. And he leads a team of archives staff who are key contributors in digitizing Brock's notable collections and disseminating them widely online.  Colleen MacKinnon and Elizabeth Yates, Brock University