OLA Archival and Preservation Achievement Award

The Ontario Library Association recognizes Ontario-based individuals and institutions who have made significant achievements on a personal or institutional level in the field of preservation and/or conservation for library and/or archival materials.

  1. METHODOLOGY: Contributions to the development, application or utilization of new or improved methods, techniques and routines.
  2. LEADERSHIP: Leadership in either an organization or a significant archival or preservation project.
  3. RESEARCH: Evidence of studies or research or contribution to professional literature.
  4. PARTNERSHIP: Archival or Preservation achievement through partnerships and strategic alliances with industry, the community and/or other institutions.
  5. MENTORING: Training and professional mentoring in the field of archival or preservation.
To apply: Complete the online nomination form by November 1 
For questions or more information, contact awards@accessola.com

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2017 Award Recipient


 VITA Toolkit

Our Digital World

VITA stands for Video, Image, Text and Audio and is a web based toolkit for building, managing and displaying digital collections. The VITA Toolkit and platform allows over 190 organizations to create, manage, and share digital collections with the world. These organizations include public libraries, university archives, community museums and historic societies. As well, OurDigitalWorld works with the Ontario Legislative Library and Ministry of the Environment on Government Document discovery systems. We heard from librarians such as those at the Kitchener Public Library who praised VITA as it allows them to share their photograph collections to the researchers, students, and the world. They told us that staff and volunteers find VITA both intuitive and easy to use. Other librarians praised VITA’s newspaper digitization services - services that has resulted in a portal of historical newspaper content that is the fourth largest public collection in the world. Mita Williams, OLITA President 2017