OLA Media and Communications Award

The OLA Media and Communications Award was established to reward individuals and companies that present libraries and librarians in a constructive light, breaking down stereotypical images often associated with the profession. To qualify, the coverage must appear in Canadian magazines, newspapers or journals, be heard on Canadian radio stations, be viewed on Canadian television, or be on Canadian web sites. Any OLA member may suggest a candidate for the award. The final decision rests with the OLA Board of Directors. 

To apply: Complete the online nomination form by November 1  
For questions or more information, contact awards@accessola.com

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2017 Award Winner


Anne Marie Madziak

Southern Ontario Library Service    

Anne Marie is dedicated to the profession and promotion of librarianship both within and beyond the borders of our sector. Specifically, her contributions to Municipal World magazine describing our profession and the people who work within it support the award's goals of presenting "libraries and librarians in a constructive light, breaking down stereotypical images often associated with the profession".
By focusing the municipal lens on the library, our services and staff and the contributions libraries make to their communities, Anne Marie has successfully raised awareness in the most positive and proactive way. Her message effectively acts as an advocacy tool with the stakeholder groups who are most often responsible for making funding decisions for library services. Rebecca Raven, CEO, Brampton Library         

2016 Award Winner


100.9 Canoe FM

Haliburton, ON
CANOE FM has given Haliburton County Public Library (HCPL) a voice through the production of Library Moments, a 5 minute radio show which airs several times per week, as well as 1 minute book talks. CANOE FM also started Haliburton County Reads, a riff on Canada Reads, which started out as a five week program in the summer in which a panel of local readers brought forward and defended a book they thought all of Haliburton County should read. The show evolved into an hour long program running throughout the year featuring book news, writers, authors, and all things literary. CANOE FM also makes a point of promoting HCPL’s programs and events all year long, as well as working with the Friends of the Haliburton County Public Library in promoting their fundraisers. CANOE FM has made it possible for HCPL to reach everyone in every corner of Haliburton County, whether they are a commuter in their car, an artisan creating in their studio, a construction worker on the job, a consumer visiting our local businesses, or a cottager on the dock. Our partnership with CANOE has brought HCPL to our patrons wherever they may be. Erin Kernohan-Berning, Haliburton County Public Library