OLA Award for Technical Service

The Ontario Library Association recognizes the Ontario librarian, teacher-librarian, technician, library worker or department who has made a substantial achievement to their institution and/or the library profession in the area of technical services. This award is about recognizing those who help with the efficiencies and improved access to materials. Awards like this foster innovation, create an environment to share ideas and support high morale among technical service workers. Keys areas of contribution that could be, but not limited to, considered for a nominee(s) are:

ADVANCEMENT. Contribution to the technical services field through the development, application and/or utilization of new and/or improved formats, methods, techniques, equipment and routines

LEADERSHIP. Significant contribution to the technical services profession through involvement in organizations, publication or research. Implantation of a special project, program or service

CAREER ACHIEVEMENT. Individuals who have made long-standing contributions to the profession who deserve recognition by peers

MENTORING. Training and professional mentoring in the field of technical services.

To apply:  Complete online nomination form by November 1
For questions or more information, contact awards@accessola.com

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2019 Award Recipient


Library Support Services Team

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
With most of our Teacher Librarians shouldering additional responsibilities beyond their libraries, (i.e., Planning Time) they rely heavily upon Library Support Services to assist in the development, maintenance and delivery of quality library collections for staff and students. Library Support Services consists of two departments: one central, one itinerant, led by Supervisor Greg Smith. The Central staff handle the cataloging and processing of library purchases, maintenance of the Board wide Symphony database and a comprehensive Media and Professional Catalog. Itinerant technicians play a large role in supporting school staff directly, dealing with everything from repairing, weeding and shelving books to advising on collection development and processing books at a school level. This department, as a whole, consistently goes over and above to provide a unique combination of leadership, technical advancement, training and development for our Teacher Librarian community. Nancy Cheong on behalf of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic Elementary Teacher-Librarian Association

2018 Award Recipient


Janet Rushton

Processing Team Leader, Idea Exchange
Janet has worked for Idea Exchange for more than 27 years. From the beginning it has been clear that Janet's skills and abilities make her a valuable asset to the organization. In every capacity, she has been a leader. Janet is the person everyone goes to for help or to "just run something by" because of her ability to see the small details and the big picture at the same time. For more than 15 years, as the Processing Team Lead, no collection has been added or changed without Janet's input. We now lend sports equipment, games, puzzles, seeds, tools and maker kits thanks to Janet's ability to work out the processes. Janet's organization skills mean that we receive, process, shelve, weed and discard materials system-wide without mistakes, backlogs or huge stores of material. Janet is also a self-taught expert of our ILS who has honed our processes to be as efficient and effective as possible. And Janet's people skills are exemplary. She supervises staff, students and volunteers in ways that maximize productivity while still allowing for a fun and collegial work environment. Janet has made an indelible mark on Idea Exchange. Jamie Kamula, Idea Exchange