Advocacy in Action:
Excellence in Children's or Teen Services Award

This award is to honour excellent library staff working with children or youth. The award can be given to an individual or group. It can be a service-based project, a unique program, a community partnership, an outreach endeavor or an advocacy effort that you feel should be recognized and celebrated.

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2017 Award Recipient


Laura LaFleshe

Barrie Public Library

Laura is deeply committed to the promotion of childhood literacy and her work with the Homeschool Pilot Project can attest to this. Through her homeschool project and with the homeschool community, Laura has demonstrated advocacy for children's life-long learning, aligning her plan with the library's mission to "enrich our community" by identifying the needs and interests of the community and providing the best programming possible through consultation with parents and children. Community-led means reaching out and letting the community know you are there, and because of Laura's pilot project, the homeschool community feels more involved with the library. Laura has truly demonstrated the skills of a library advocate for children's learning and supporting their parents in this process. Chantale Boileau, Barrie Public Library

2016 Award Recipient


Trish MacGregor

Stratford Public Library

Trish MacGregor has spent over a decade using her early childhood education and professional training to provide exemplary, energetic and creative service to the children and families of Stratford and Perth County. Through her work in Public Library on Wheels (PLOW), she has touched families across the county, with her travelling storytimes and book exchanges offered in smaller communities without library services. Trish has created stronger links between city departments and with other organizations who now look to the library to provide information and activities in new ways. Her unfailing positivity, kindness, and commitment to excellence in children’s services inspire her coworkers and the families she serves.