Membership Types/Fees

Are you interested in becoming a member of OLA? Membership with OLA is open to anyone with an interest in the library and information profession, as well as those who support libraries as board members, community advocates, publishers, writers/illustrators, educators, and various decision-makers.

All members receive exclusive discounts on our events and programs, and access to the latest news in the library world through publications and our e-newsletter. We also offer our members a variety of perks and discounts to help to succeed personally and professionally. Members are granted extended voting rights, the right to hold office and the right to participate on committees that make a difference in the library world. 

Membership is annual from the month in which it is first taken out. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable (unless indicated otherwise).  For membership-related inquiries, please contact us.

Individual Membership

The cost of an individual membership is based on your salary.

$40  (income of $15,000 or less)
  $60 (income of $15,000 - $24,999)
$80  (income of $25,000- $35,999)   $90 (income of $35,000- $49,999)
$100 (income of $50,000 - $64,999)    $110 (income of $65,000 - $$79,000) *
$120 (Income over $80,000)*
   Effective September 1st, 2016
No Income
$20 (includes full time student, retired library staff, library job seeker, friend of the library)

Institutional/Shared Membership

This membership type is attached to one staff in the library/branch and does not cover all staff or the library itself. The number of staff able to take advantage of member rates for events is indicated in the title of the member type. Only 1 contact will be associated with this member type to receive association messages, updates, have voting rights and receive any print materials. To sit on councils or committees, have voting rights or be nominated for awards the member must be the key contact for this member type or have their own individual membership.
$140 One-person privileges                                                                              
$190 Two-person privileges      

Public Library Board Membership 

This membership type allows a Public Library Board to join as a unit. Each board member is extended individual membership privileges to take advantage of all member benefits, resources and discounts. Library staff, including the CEO, are not included in this membership as they are encouraged to join as individuals.

$50 Public library board serving under 5,000
   $125 Public library board serving 5,000-15,000
$250 Public library board serving 15,001-50,000    $375 Public library board serving 50,001-100,000
$500 Public library board serving 100,001-175,000    $625 Public library board serving 175,001-250,000
$750 Public library board serving 250,001-400,000    $1,000 Public library board serving 400,001-750,000
$1,500 Public library board serving 750,001-1,000,000    $2,100 Public library board serving over 1,000,000

Associate Membership 

Businesses or Corporations in the library and information profession show their support for OLA members through their membership and through their participation in OLA programs and events. Membership includes discounts on exhibit registration and on any OLA event. View our associate membership benefits page for more information. 
$215 Associate Membership

OHLA/OLA Joint Membership

Health library employees who join OHLA have the opportunity to take advantage of a joint OHLA/OLA membership giving you the benefits of both associations for one price. For more information on this opportunity please visit the OHLA Membership Page.

Ex Libris Association Membership

The ELA is the Canadian national association interested in historical and current issues about libraries, archives, publishing houses, and related institutions and people. Membership is open to all interested parties, but is primarily drawn from the ranks of retired persons. For more information on this opportunity please visit the ELA website.


Each member chooses one divisional membership related to their area. OLITA and/or ABO-Franco can be added at no additional cost. Membership beyond your division, OLITA, and ABO-Franco can be added for $20 each.

OCULA: Ontario College and University Library Association
  OLBA: Ontario Library Boards' Association
OPLA: Ontario Public Library Association   OSLA:  Ontario School Library Association
OLITA: Ontario Library and Information Technology Association   ABO-Franco: L'Association des bibliothèques

Member Regions                                                 

Member regions are used for council representation with OPLA, OLBA and OSLA. Please visit our list of Regional Maps to determine your region.