OLA Scholarships

      The OLA Dr. Janette Baker Scholarship: 
This new OLA scholarship fund has been made possible through a generous bequest of $50,000 by the late Dr. Janette Baker. Scholarships are available annually to support attendance at a recognized library and information program by individuals who have been working for a minimum of three years and who are employed outside of the education profession. The OLA Board of Directors is committed to increasing Dr. Baker's $50,000 investment and, welcomes donations from members, corporate partners and interested friends. The first scholarship was awarded in May 2004.
Apply online by April 30th. Please send supporting documents to awards@accessola.com

The OLA/OSLA/Ken Haycock Super Conference Grant:
Dr. Ken Haycock granted the Chancellor Group Conference Grant to the Canadian Library Association (CLA) in 1990 for Teacher-Librarianship in Canada as a way to honour the founding members of the Canadian Association of School Librarians. A travel grant of $500 was to provide support to newly qualified teacher-librarians (the "TL") to attend the annual conference of the CLA. The funds were transferred to OLA in 2016 after CLA's dissolution. OLA is now proud to provide the grant to support new TL's to attend the OLA Super Conference. 
To apply: Submit a brief biography/resume of the nominee outlining their achievements and library background as well as two (2) letters endorsing the nominee to awards@accessola.com by January 1, 2017