Education Institute (EI)

 The Education Institute is a continuing education program for library information workers developed by The Partnership of Provincial and Territorial Library Associations of Canada. The program offers one-hour webinars and 4-6 week online courses for libraries for the public, academic (college & universities), school (elementary & secondary) and special libraries sectors.  Registration for the webinars is by site and not per person. This is very beneficial to students or student unions where they can book one room and have multiple people participate in a single webinar under one registration fee. For more information and the current schedule of webinars please visit the Education Institute

CEC Program

The Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) Program is a national program of The Partnership which offers all Canadian librarians, technicians and workers the opportunity to invest in your career development through a formal program to plan, document and report your professional development and learning activities. 
As a CEC program participant you will:
  1. Plan and document your learning and professional development  by activity type and subject areas; 
  2. Collect points annually, based on learning activities, over the program period of three years;
  3. Connect with volunteer mentors for guidance and discussion on your learning and career development; 
  4. Receive a certificate of completion and a full record of your learning activities.