Forest of Reading

This is your opportunity to be on a Forest of Reading committee to choose program books, create program resources, or have fun volunteering at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto for the Festival of Trees. Your volunteer hours contribute to instilling the love of reading for over 250,000 young and adult readers each year.


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Forest of Reading Chair
Work closely with the Selection and Steering Committees Chairs of each Award program, the Director, Forest of Reading and the OLA Executive Director to ensure the integrity of the program is being upheld.
2 Years, OLA member 
No application; Appointed by OLA Board of Directors

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Forest of Reading Selection Committee
Review and recommend the books that meet the criteria and are deemed to be the best available for a given year in a given program.
3 Years, OLA member
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Forest of Reading Steering Committee
Liaise with authors, assist in developing content for the current program, and assist with Festival of Trees planning.
1 to 3 Years, OLA member September 1st each year
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Festival of Trees Volunteers
Assisting with author workshops and autographing, awards cerremonies, and games at the Festival of Trees event in Toronto.
Shift work from 8:30am – 2:30pm on the day(s) of the Festival. All  applications welcome
April 15th each year
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