OLA Board and General

Volunteer as a divisional councillor or president-elect (divisional Vice-President) and be a part of the driving force behind the Ontario Library Association. You can also advocate for libraries, influence policy, and shape programming and services through various OLA committees.

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Board of Directors
Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Board
Roles and Responsibilities of the OLA President
3 Years, OLA member 
Call-out by email when vacancies available.

Shelagh Paterson, Executive Director
Divisional Councils
Establish and review major plans and policy of the association.
Further the development of the divisional library sector and library/organizational staff.
Representation of the professions of the divisional library sector in Ontario.
Promotion of the divisional library sector.
More info.
3 Years, Member of the divisional association the council represents.
All positions elected by vote or, where a single or no applications are received, positions acclaimed. To find out about OLA member regions visit our Membership Page.
Call outs begin late Summer/early Fall each year where positions are available. Application deadline  is November 15 and voting occurs late Fall. 

Advocacy Committee
The Advocacy Committee ensures that OLA is an influential voice for libraries and the information sector, and the communities they serve, as well as identifies of key issues/areas to focus on. More info.
3 Years, OLA member with interest in advocacy and experience with government relations and policy.
February 8, 2019

Shelagh Paterson, Executive Director
Best Bets Committee
Providing teachers, teacher-librarians, librarians and other interested parties with a meaningful list to assist in collection development and readers’ advisory. More info.
OLA member
Call-out by email when vacancies available
Vivien Keiling Chair
Child and Youth Services Committee
Providing educational opportunities, advocate on behalf of children and youth, raise standards, and strengthen guidelines for children and youth services in public libraries. More info.
Library Staff: 3 years, OPLA member                            
Library Student: 1 year, OPLA member 
February 8, 2019 Esteban Dorado-Troughton  Member Relations Coordinator
Copyright User Group
Investigating and reporting on the most appropriate tools that will serve to assist and educate the membership in fulfilling their role(s) as practitioners, intermediaries and/or advisors to their user communities on copyright issues and concerns. More info.
OLA member  Call-out by email when
vacancies available
Shelagh Paterson, Executive Director
Indigenous Task Group Develop an OLA strategy to strengthen First Nation Libraries in Ontario. This includes raising awareness about the opportunities and challenges of accessing library services for First Nation people. More info.
2 years with possible renewal, OLA member  Call-out by email when vacancies available
Sarah Roberts, Advocacy & Research Officer
Mentoring Committee
Provide career-focused support resources for OLA members at all career levels. More info.
2 years with possible renewal, OLA member No application; Appointed by existing committee chair
Michelle Arbuckle, Director, Member Engagement & Education