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Within such a diverse sector, it can be difficult to keep up to date on all of the issues that arise. In response to the challenges faced by those working in libraries, and in an effort to share knowledge and increase awareness on current topics in academic libraries, we have developed a series of free webinars. Over the next year, OCULA will be partnering with experts on a variety of topics to offer four free webinars on topics that we think are important to librarians and library staff. In these webinars, several presenters will come together to share their unique perspectives on a topic with the audience. From exploring core theories to applications in practice, our presenters will share how academic library staff can get involved as well as discuss the challenges that they might encounter.


December 2019 - International Students and the Library: Empowering English Language Learners on Campus

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The selected Virtual Journal Club readings paired with this session are: 

Click, A. B., Wiley, C. W., & Houlihan, M. (2017). The internationalization of the academic library: A systematic review of 25 years of literature on international students. College & Research Libraries, 78(3), 328-358.  Available online at

Liu, G., & Winn, D. (2009). Chinese graduate students and the Canadian academic library: A user study at the University of Windsor. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 35(6), 565–573. (open access version:
Bordonaro, K. (2019). Forging multiple pathways: Integrating international students into a Canadian university library. In  Y. Luckert & .L. T. Inge (Eds.), The globalized library: American academic libraries and international students, collections, and practices (pp. 85-97). Association of College & Research Libraries.  Book chapter open access version available online at

OCULA Virtual Journal Club

Please join the OCULA Virtual Journal Club (VJC) on Slack following each webinar in the series. VJC webinars will be paired with relevant readings (both academic and non-academic in nature) and will be followed by a facilitated virtual discussion about the texts. We hope this discussion will provide participants with the opportunity to continue the conversation beyond the webinar, critically evaluate the relevant literature, and build communities of practice.

These discussions are still accessible even if you missed them when they first occurred, so make sure to have a look!

Click here for instructions on how to join the conversation.

PAST EVENTS - Please enjoy archived versions of free sessions below.

June 2019 - Intellectual Freedom
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October 2018 - Exploring Open Educational Resources (OER) 
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November 2018 - Working towards reconciliation: Engagement and relationship building to shape access and knowledge organization 
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February 2019 - Exploring Critical Librarianship
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(Note - the live and recorded webinars use the free Adobe Connect software.  If you need help getting set up, give Esteban Dorado-Troughton a call at 1-866-873-9867 ext. 232.)


Each year the Ontario College and University Library Association (OCULA) hosts exciting events for its members. These events offer the opportunity to keep up to date about issues pertaining to academic libraries, to participate in stimulating and timely professional development activities and to network with other academic library staff. For information about upcoming events please visit the individual conference and dinner sites in this section.

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