Resources for Library Boards

COVID-19 and Library Boards

Many library boards are making decisions about how to hold their board meetings going forward. OLBA has shared a resource to help boards understand some of the options available to them.

Library Board Recruitment

Learn more about what makes for an effective public library board and how to recruit new members.     
    1.    Choosing An Effective Public Library Board (OLBA)

    2.    Public Library Board Recruitment: Guidelines and Templates (OLS - N)

    3.    Checklist - Recruiting New Public Library Board Members (OLBA)

    4.    Key competencies for library board trustees (SOLS)

About Ontario Public Libraries & Governance

Learn more about how Ontario’s Public Libraries are governed, the Public Libraries Act and the role of municipal council in public library governance.

    1.    Spotlight on Ontario Public Libraries: What you need to know as a municipal councillor (SOLS)

    2.    (English) Understanding Ontario’s Public Libraries (MTCS)
           (Français) Comprendre la Loi sur les bibliothèques publiques de l'Ontario (MTCS)
    3.    Municipal Councillors Handbook (OLS - N) 

    4.    (English) Cut to the Chase - Ontario’s Public Library Governance at a glance (OLA) 

           (Français) Le vif du sujet - Vue d’ensemble de la gouvernance des bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario (ABO)

Governance Hub

Developed by Southern Ontario Library Service, this hub contains resources mapped to each of the four years of public library board governance.