Online Learning

Leadership by Design on LearnHQ is a free series of learning modules mapped to each year of the four year public library board cycle. Password access is required and details are available on the LearnHQ web site.

Year 1: Modules 1 – 2 contain learning resources about board member roles, responsibilities, learning about the community and the role of the library.

Year 2: Module 3 contains resources about board and community assessment, measurement strategies, and the CEO review process.

Year 3: Module 4 contains resources about strategic planning, advocacy and risk management.

Year 4: Module 5 contains resources about developing a board legacy and succession plan.

Navigating LearnHQ: LearnHQ is developed by Southern Ontario Library Service in partnership with OLA and is an extensive online learning resource developed for public library staff and board members in Ontario.  After log-in, select ‘browse courses’, select ‘management/leadership’, and then select ‘board development’. After selecting ‘launch class’, browse the ‘lessons’ option to review each resource within each learning module.

Please contact Mary O'Connor with any questions about this resource.