Strengthening Public Library Board Performance: A Four-Year Learning Cycle

 In 2014, the Ontario Library Association and the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries received a Cultural Development Fund Grant, funded by the Government of Ontario.

This grant was used to develop resources to strengthen, province-wide, public library board performance and effectiveness through the provision of online training in the areas of:

  • Board recruitment;
  • Municipal engagement; and
  • Strategic and Financial Planning


The project has been designed to encompass a four-year learning cycle of Public Library Boards’ training and development needs, which will align with the key, annual cyclical components or situational events of a Board’s life cycle,

Over the project’s lifespan, it will be managed by OLA and OLBA, in partnership with the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, and with the support and involvement from the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) and Ontario Library Service North (OLS-N).

Available through SOLS and OLS-N websites, PL Boards may now collectively, or individually, use the resources at

Key contacts:

Shelagh Paterson, executive director, OLA  
Lynn Humfress-Trute, President OLBA
Pierre Mercier, Vice-president OLBA