Strategic Plan

OLITA council's strategic plan aligns with and supports the vision and mission of the OLA. Using the four OLA initiatives for 2017-2020, the council has established the following goals and activities:

Priorities (OLA)
Goals (OLA & OLITA)
OLITA Activities Feb 2019 - Feb 2020
OLITA Activities Feb 2020 - Feb 2021
Priority 1 - Focusing Member Services Across Diverse Career Paths
  • Engage with library and information specialists who work in IT outside of traditional libraries.
  • Engage with those new to the library and information sector and early career members who have an interest in technologies in libraries
  • Expand and nurture communities of practice and develop improved platforms to support communities of practice for IT library professionals

  • Open Shelf - Library IT Crowd, interviewing people from non-traditional positions
  • Webinar series
  • Cataloguing Committee
  • Open Shelf - Library IT Crowd, interviewing people from non-traditional positions
  • Webinar series

Priority 2 - Influencing Policy and Demonstrating Value

  • Grow and focus OLA's advocacy and government relations strategy on targeted goals and define measurements for assessing progress and success as it relates to technology in libraries.
  • Grow and inspire a network of technology library advocates at local and provincial levels
  • Expand the development and sharing of advocacy resources, tools, and strategies as it relates to technology in libraries for member use at the local community level.

  • Open Shelf article about eBook pricing
  • Digital Odyssey - advocacy through educating about smart cities
  • Tweets on ebook pricing

  • Investigate podcasts on controversial topics re: technology
Priority 3 - Building Evaluation and Research Capacity
  • Develop an evaluation and research strategy that supports best practices and assesses the value of IT in libraries.
  • Build member capacity in areas of measurement and performance evaluation of library technology services.
  • Integrate evaluation and research of library technology.
  • Continue to measure success of conferences
  • Makerspace pricing and policy survey and report
  • Writing white papers on difficult topics
  • Edge community of practice
  • Conduct makerspace pricing and policy survey and repor
  • Continue to measure success of conferences
Priority 4 - Addressing the Unique Needs of Rural, Remote and Indigenous Communities
  • Identify the IT needs and requirements of rural, northern, and remote communities
  • Strengthen and maximize partnerships with other organizations and associations to minimize duplication of effort and maximize resources to these communities.
  • Create a plan to focus greater technology support and IT service access for libraries of all types in smaller, rural, or remote communities, including Ontario's Indigenous communities.
  • Webinar series
  • Tech Lending Library
  • Digital Odyssey 2020 in Northern Ontario and/or Streaming Digital Odyssey 2020
  • Investigate lending a hotspot through tech lending library
  • Consultations to learn more about the unique needs
Priority 5 - Our Enablers to Success
  • Capitalize on our people
  • Focus on fundraising
  • OLITA members on IT sub-committee
  • OLITA members on IT sub-committee
  • "Where are they now?"- podcast, with mentor fund