Strategic Plan

OLA launched it’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan at the 2010 Super Conference. This plan outlined three strategic directions: Innovation, Collaboration, Leadership.

OLITA council believes that it is important that our strategic plan align with and support the vision and mission of OLA. Using the four OLA initiatives for 2010 (Growing career paths and potential, Collaborating to extend libraries’ strategic voice, Transforming ideas into solutions, Strengthening our organization), the council worked diligently to create a number of goals/activities which we believe reflect our mandate and will be implemented in the next year.

Initiative Goals Objectives
Growing career paths OLITA will become a leader in supporting and developing information technology skills and knowledge for OLA members.
1. Using OLA Community, create learning communities/peer learning to support the growth of information technology skills of OLA members.

2. Promote the sharing of member knowledge by using Super Conference presentations, both accepted and rejected, for future OLITA communications (blog posts, OLA publications, etc.).
Collaborating to extend libraries strategic voice OLITA will assist Ontario Libraries voice their technological innovations. 1. Create Planet OLITA, a single access point of library RSS feeds, to aid libraries in the discovery the information technology and library news in Ontario.
Transforming ideas into solutions OLITA will foster and promote innovation in library information technology in Ontario. 1. Create a lending library of technology to allow Ontario libraries to experiment with new ideas before investing in larger projects.
Strengthening our organization OLITA will continue to promote, maintain and strengthen both OLA and OLITA membership. 1. Continue to offer innovative and successful Digital Odyssey conferences, including the exploration of virtual components.

2. Continue to act in an advisory capacity for OLA board technology decisions.  

3. Use OLA community to engage OLA and OLITA members in meaningful discussion.