Marketing Your Digital Content     

In fall 2014, Toronto Public Library (TPL) and Ottawa Public Library (OPL) ran campaigns to raise awareness with library users and non-users that libraries have lots of digital content available to borrow, free with your library card. The campaigns include some or all of the following elements: an in-branch promotional piece; transit ads; social media ads for Facebook, Twitter and Google; social media promotion; as well as a contest on Twitter and Instagram.

Toronto Public Library ran a similar campaign in the fall of 2013 and saw significant increases in borrowing and registrations as a result. They report that they have had thousands of click-throughs to their downloads landing page generated from their ads.

TPL and OPL are happy to share their campaign toolkit with you in a format that you can customize for your own market and your own offerings. We all benefit as more people learn about digital content at the library and borrowing rates continue to increase.

Provided are two sets of promotions in both French and English – one that promotes all digital content offerings (eBooks, eMagazines, music, and video streaming services), and another that is just focused on eBooks. The files are free to download through Dropbox, and are packaged with Adobe InDesign files that your graphic design resource can work with, which include all necessary typefaces and linked files. You will find the following ads for your use:
  • Ads for Facebook and Twitter (graphics) and Google (text based)
  • Postcard for in branch promotion/outreach/distribution
  • Transit ads (set of 4)
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Contest Rules
Please note: Each library must obtain permissions to reproduce content images. Contact your vendor account representative (e.g. OverDrive, hoopla, Zinio, etc.) for help obtaining reproduction permission and high resolution image files suitable for design work.


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PSA: Access eBooks Online from Your Public Library

FOLDER: Digital Downloads (eBooks)

Available in:   English  |  French
This contains design files to promote ebooks only.

FOLDER: Digital Downloads (all) 
Available in:   English  |  French 
This folder contains design files to promote a full range of digital content –  eBooks, eMagazines, music and video streaming services.

Social Media Editorial Calendar
Available in:   English  |  French 
This document contains some ideas and posts to engage with your customers online. Feel free to tweak as you see fit! Have fun!

Social Media Contest Rules 
Available in:   English  |  French 
Another component of the TPL campaign is a draw to win 1 of 5 iPad Mini devices. To win, users enter on Twitter or Instagram by telling us which digital title they downloaded at the library with the #TPLDownloads hashtag. This document will explain the rules and regulations that you can adapt for your library.

Social Media Suggested Text
Available in:   English 

Samples from Toronto Public Library
Available in:   English